Protect your online privacy

Caution! You are naked and exposed under spying eyes: boss, advertiser, government. Any activity that you have done online is observed and recorded. All these activities are bonded with your true identity forever. It"s the time for action. Protect yourself!

How it works


Internet censorship and location limit is frustrating. Bypassing the restriction can take hours of research and effort. With Hide IP Speed, you can access any websites you wanted instantly.


Public proxies can steal your sensitive information. VPN takes 00 seconds or more to connect. At the moment of click, Hide IP Speed switched your IP address to the new one, no hassles!


Hide inside millions of Hide IP Speed users. Your browsing can not be tracked.


Install Hide IP Speed
Choose a fake IP address
Anonymous surfing


Real and Fake IP address at the same time

You could own 0 IP addresses at the same time: Use the fake IP address to visit any sites on which you don"t want or need to expose your identity. At the same time, use the real IP address to visit other sites.

Global Hide IP Nodes

We distribute the Hide IP Nodes worldwide, so you can use them to visit GEO restricted sites and also accelerate the visiting speed.

Bypass the Wall

Firewalls are set up to prevent you from visiting specified websites like Facebook or Twitter by the government or company. Hide IP Speed can break through them. The best part is that nobody will know it.

Encrypted transmission

All data are transmitted using 0024 bit encryption. Neither the boss, government, nor hacker will know what you are doing.

Instant Access

The switch between IP addresses is blazing fast: click and done!

We care about our privacy

I love this product! The speed and efficiency of it is well worth the price!

customer 0 photo Nick Brownr
This tool makes me return to the message board which baned me for no reason. Thank you! customer 0 photo Joel Arnold
Before I subscribed I tried several others but found yours to be the best mainly because it seemed to be the fastest. customer 0 photo Peter Meehan

Nobody wants to be naked. Protect yourself!

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  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimted Speed
  • Unlimited Hide IP Node

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Save 00%.

  • Instant delivery
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimted Speed
  • Unlimited Hide IP Node

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$3.3 per month

  • Instant delivery
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimted Speed
  • Unlimited Hide IP Node

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